Oh God !! Ctrl+S me !!

I am reluctant to take a book and read it. May be because I am stricken by material on internet and every thing with ‘e-‘ prefixed to it. Poor me..!! Lost completely and got addicted in one sense to my PC. So is the incompleteness and the void growing in my mind. Its alarming.. !!

I tried real hard to hold a book and read.. Its only about 200 pages and its not the original print. I give these details to tell you that its not that heavy. Oh !! I can’t hold a book for atleast 15 minutes. Are my hands so weak?

I struggled to remember how my posture was when I used to hold book in hands and read. I am sure I did it many times. Am I that forgetful?

And the funniest thing is groping for Ctrl+F on cover page. Am I getting handicapped ?

It has become so easy to type than to write something on paper. Am I saving paper ?

I don’t remember when I stopped using my water colors to paint. Am I saving colors ?

Oh God..!! Ctrl+S me !!



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3 responses to “Oh God !! Ctrl+S me !!

  1. nope… it should be Ctrl-U or Ctrl-Z me… so that U can go back to good ol’ days …. 😉

  2. Kesari

    Hey Sahi.. i am god here…. i am helpless dear…sorry i have lost Ctrl key on my keyboard….!!!

    And you know customer service is not that great here in Heaven…!!

    hmm… the alternative is … keep writing such a great interesting blogs …. and after 100 or 1000 you will get the “Ctrl” ..back..!!

  3. hi sahithi,

    very good opening blog…
    keep it up.

    i liked it very much!!!!

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